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Because love isn't blind, it's creepy


I wish I could have a girlfriend so we can dress up as Bubbline for Halloween

I feel you. I feel you so hard. 

Was Beyoncé attractive, sexy even? To be sure. But more than anything, she was powerful. Few things are more threatening to a male audience than a beautiful, powerful woman who doesn’t need a man, or even a male gaze.
Perhaps folk didn’t consciously notice there wasn’t a single male performer on stage. But for those few minutes, there were no male voices and no male bodies in control, only women who refused to be owned. And it wasn’t women just dancing up there, though the cameras largely focused on that. The women onstage were creating, everything. They appropriated traditional male images and transformed them female ones — not women just imitating men. They were claiming roles and instruments traditionally held by men: the horns and saxophones, the pyrotechnic guitar solo.
They were fierce, but refused to be masculinized or objectified.







I will reblog this every. Single. . Time. EVERYSINGLETIME.

Every time I see this on my dash I challenge myself to look at it without tearing up. 

I have not succeeded once. 

I’m crying

I cry every time I watch this

The second one in particular gets me. I didn’t prepare for tears today. 

Best post ever

Makes me cry every time. I wish every soldier could do this. 

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